First Generation
1. Herbert Newton JARRETT II. Born ca 1724 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Herbert Newton died in Orange Valley, Jamaica, on 18 Aug 1790; he was 66. Buried in Orange Valley, Jamaica.
Ca 1745 when Herbert Newton was 21, he first married ??? KERR. Residence/Property: Bamboo Estate, parish of Hanover, Jamaica.
They had one child:
John II (1746-1809)
Ca 1758 when Herbert Newton was 34, he second married Ann ALLEN, daughter of ??? ALLEN. Born on 16 Sep 1729. Ann died in Orange Valley, Jamaica, on 8 Mar 1769; she was 39.
They had the following children:
Ann (1760-1837)
Sarah Newton (1762-1814)
Herbert Newton III (1765-1829)
Frances Newton (1766-1837)
Rachel Allen (1769-1856)
On 12 Oct 1769 when Herbert Newton was 45, he third married Mary REID in St Ann Parish Church, Jamaica.

Herbert Newton Jarrett was the second Herbert Newton Jarrett (many more would follow) in the third generation of Jarretts living in Jamaica. In 1675 - twenty years after the island’s conquest by the English - there is evidence of his great-grandfather, Nicholas Jarrett, living in the parish of St Catherine, when he sold some land at Passage Fort. Nicholas’s son, another Nicholas, married Sarah Newton, the daughter and sole heiress of Herbert Newton of St Andrew’s parish.

Their son, the first Herbert Newton Jarrett, moved to Westmoreland parish, married a Miss Chute and had four children, including twin sons, Herbert Newton the second and Nicholas (who had no legitimate issue). According to William James Kerr (WJK): “Herbert Newton Jarrett, the eldest son of Herbert Newton Jarrett and Miss Chute his wife, was probably born about the year 1724, and it has been said that they marked him at his birth H.N.I. to distinguish him from his younger twin brother Nicholas Jarrett. ...

“Mr Jarrett must have been a gentleman of very great wealth. During his life-time he gave his eldest son John, the estate called Kent, and also certain lands situate at Dry Ridge, in the parish of St James, with the Slaves, Cattle, Stock, Goods and Chattels thereon, and he also advanced to him at different times and in various ways, money amounting altogether to a very large sum. With this assistance, it will be seen hereafter that his son, John Jarrett, made a fortune almost equal to his own.”1,2

Herbert Newton Jarrett’s second wife, Ann Allen, died in childbirth. Within the year, he had married a third time, to Mary Reid, a widow.

His brother-in-law, Robert Allen, Orange Valley’s erstwhile owner, outlived him and in Herbert Newton Jarrett’s will received “an annuity of £50 per annum during the term of his natural life”.