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This website is about people - people linked by blood to form that rather wonderful thing, an extended family. Although some of it is just family tree, in many cases there’s been enough material to construct mini-biographies of members of the family, offering intriguing glimpses into other ages and worlds.

There are some rich and varied characters here. Here are a few suggested starting points, from which you can follow the links as the fancy takes you:
Herbert Newton Jarrett himself, of course - founder of the family fortunes in the 18th century
John Jarrett, his son, who impressed the Prince Regent with the sumptuousness of his dinner
Sarah Newton Jarrett (“Basins” to her irreverent Jarrett-Kerr descendants) who married David Kerr ... and set that ball rolling
• the swashbuckling Major Charles Schaw, a hero of the Peninsular Campaign during the Napoleonic Wars
Virginia Woolf, who makes a brief, indirect appearance ...
• the brothers David and William Kerr, who had to refound the Kerr family fortunes in Jamaica, because their father had sold up in disgust at slavery
• the remarkable Misses Jarrett of Camerton Court, still very much remembered in the Camerton area
• the unfortunate Major Lionel Langley of the Royal Engineers, about whom we know virtually nothing - except that he met a grisly end.

The bulk of the information comes from two remarkable works compiled by Herbert Newton Jarrett’s great-grandson, William James Kerr - the “WJK” referred to throughout. He published The Genealogical Tree of the Family of Jarrett of Orange Valley, Jamaica, and Camerton Court, Co. Somerset and History of the Name and Lineage of the Family of Kerr privately around 1900. A lot of the rest of the information was amassed by my father, Ian Kerr-Jarrett, and my cousin, Ann Wilson.

It’s all very much a work in progress. Additions, amendments, suggestions, corrections, details of long-lost cousins, interesting snippets of biographical information, extracts from letters and diaries, old portraits and photos (in digital form), links to other websites, ... all are very welcome!

To respect people’s privacy, this website goes only as far as the sixth generation after Herbert Newton Jarrett II, but I can email you a fuller version in Word that carries on closer to the present day.